tenten and temari’s new designs look hothot. they’d make a pretty badass duo too!

a day in the life of iruka-sensei

gai gives him this shirt for his birthday and kakashi wears it every waking moment he is not wearing his uniform

I passed my big follower milestone a few days ago! I still dunno what I should do, but I’m leaning towards an art giveaway. Are you guys interested in that still?

altonen replied to your post: “was there no chapter this week? :(”:
i saw some shit about japan’s government and stuff and how we’re gonna get chapters later from now on? some people say we won’t get chapters until like monday but i dunno

coalgirls replied to your post: “was there no chapter this week? :(”:
something about jump raws being late

oh no! government stuff? i hope it’s not too bad! guess we’ll just have to wait and see

was there no chapter this week? :(


I really want to finish this piece, heavily inspired by my favorite ino fanart :)

little orphaned iruka having big brother raidou to look out for him is the cutest idea ever who’s with me

tell me these two couldn’t be brothers i dare you

in honour of kakashi’s really cute face this chapter