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please don't use my art without permission!


do you guys like my new theme

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Sasuke's outfit for Naruto The Last?

Sep 19 +25

maybe i’ll just design a new sasuke outfit myself

Anonymous asked: can we expect a kakashi birthday art? i hope this is not bugging you!!

you sure can! I’m working on one today :D might be a little late, though…

blackshadow-in-my-soul asked: that's not a question, that's fan letter: you're the kind of artist i wanna be someday. I think your art is really really incredible. One of my dreams is to have your level doing my best. Please, never stop drawing, nuu-sama

thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate this wtf. there’s a lot I need to work on with my own style, so I’m hardly at a steady level, but I’m still so honoured to get such a wonderful message from you! please keep at it- talent isn’t the only measure of skill, and persistence outweighs that by far. I want you to be a better artist than I am!


I will never get tired of seeing first-year university students in their first class of the first semester with their laptop out and a notebook with five pens and seven pencils and a calculator and three erasers and white-out and two highlighters and a binder and an emergency tea bag and a bottle of water that they never open and ration packets of food these kids are frightened and prepared for the ever impending academic apocalypse

Sep 9 +128

tenten and temari’s new designs look hothot. they’d make a pretty badass duo too!